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Publication : Exome sequencing identifies novel mutations in C5orf42 in patients with Joubert syndrome with oral-facial-digital anomalies.

First Author  Wentzensen Ingrid M Year  2015
Journal  Hum Genome Var Volume  2
Pages  15045 PubMed ID  27081551
Abstract Text  Oral-facial-digital syndrome VI (OFD6 OMIM #277170), also called Varadi-Papp syndrome, is a ciliopathy inherited in an autosomal recessive pattern. Recently, mutations in C5orf42 (OMIM #614571) have been associated with OFD6. OFD6 overlaps with Joubert syndrome and mutations in C5orf42 were described in Joubert syndrome 17 (JBTS17, OMIM #614571). Using exome sequencing we report three novel variants and one previously reported variant in the C5orf42 gene in patients with OFD6. Doi  10.1038/hgv.2015.45

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