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Publication : Molecular analysis of mammalian timeless.

First Author  Zylka M J Year  1998
Journal  Neuron Volume  21
Pages  1115-22 PubMed ID  9856466
Abstract Text  We cloned the mouse cDNA of a mammalian homolog of the Drosophila timeless (tim) gene and designated it mTim. The mTim protein shows five homologous regions with Drosophila TIM. mTim is weakly expressed in the suprachiasmatic nuclei (SCN) but exhibits robust expression in the hypophyseal pars tuberalis (PT). mTim RNA levels do not oscillate in the SCN nor are they acutely altered by light exposure during subjective night. mTim RNA is expressed at low levels in several peripheral tissues, including eyes, and is heavily expressed in spleen and testis. Yeast two-hybrid assays revealed an array of interactions between the various mPER proteins but no mPER-mTIM interactions. The data suggest that PER-PER interactions have replaced the function of PER-TIM dimers in the molecular workings of the mammalian circadian clock. Issue  5
Month  Nov

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