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Publication : The meiotic effect of a deficiency in Drosophila melanogaster with a model for the effects of enzyme deficiency on recombination.

First Author  Robbins L G Year  1977
Journal  Genetics Volume  87
Pages  655-84 PubMed ID  414958
Abstract Text  The meiotic effects of heterozygosity for a deficiency of the zeste-white region of the X chromosome include reduced recombination and increased non-disjunction of the entire chromosome complement. Reduced dosage of a gene or genes in the zeste-white interval, rather than structural heterozygosity, is responsible for the meiotic effect. A model for the recombination effects of reduced enzyme concentration has been developed, and its consequences are comparable with the results obtained for deficiency heterozygosity. Thus, all of the observations can be accounted for by imagining a dosage-sensitive locus in the zeste-white region that codes for an enzyme involved in the recombination process. The interaction of the interchromosomal effect of heterozygous inversions with the deficiency has been examined, and the possibility of using the model for the analysis of other meiotic phenomena is considered. Issue  4
Month  Dec

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