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Publication : DrosophilaNeprilysin 1 Rescues Memory Deficits Caused by Amyloid-β Peptide.

First Author  Turrel Oriane Year  2017
Journal  J. Neurosci. Volume  37
Pages  10334-10345 PubMed ID  28931572
Abstract Text  Drosophilabrain are involved in specific phases of olfactory memory. Here we show that an increase in the level of the neprilysin 1 peptidase overcomes memory deficits induced by amyloid peptide in young flies. Together, the data reveal a functional interaction between neprilysin 1 and amyloid peptide, suggesting that neprilysin 1 degrades amyloid peptide. These findings raise the possibility that, under nonpathological conditions, mammalian neprilysins degrade amyloid peptide to ensure memory formation. Doi  10.1523/JNEUROSCI.1634-17.2017
Issue  43 Month  10

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