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Publication : Drosophila.

First Author  Park Joung-Sun Year  2018
Journal  Aging (Albany NY) Volume  10
Pages  322-338 PubMed ID  29514136
Abstract Text  Chk2, which decrease the DDR system in ECs. EC-specific DDR depletion induced EC death, accelerated the aging of ISCs, as evidenced by ISC hyperproliferation, DNA damage accumulation, and increased centrosome amplification, and affected the adult fly's survival. Our data indicated a distinct effect of DDR depletion in stem or niche cells on tissue-resident stem cell proliferation. Our findings provide evidence of the essential role of DDR in protecting EC against ISC aging, thus providing a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms of stem cell/niche aging. Doi  10.18632/aging.101390
Issue  3 Month  03

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