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Publication : Spatial control of hairy protein expression during embryogenesis.

First Author  Hooper K L Year  1989
Journal  Development Volume  107
Pages  489-504 PubMed ID  2612375
Abstract Text  We have used a polyclonal antiserum specific for the Drosophila segmentation gene, hairy (h), to analyse its expression during embryogenesis. The pattern of wild-type expression resembles that of h transcription, being expressed in stripes at the blastoderm stage. h is also expressed later in the stomodaeum, proctodaeum, tracheal pits and mesoderm. We demonstrate that h protein stripes show consistent phase relationships to those of the even-skipped (eve) pair-rule gene. We examine h protein patterns in embryos mutant for other segmentation genes, including h itself. We show that lack of h activity appears not to affect h striping, arguing that h expression is not under autoregulatory control. We also show that h activity is not needed for tracheal invagination. Mutations that are rearranged upstream of the h gene cause the loss of specific stripes, indicating that the h promoter includes activating elements that respond to specific spatial cues. Our observations suggest that pair-rule striping may be under redundant control, and we discuss possible implications for hierarchical models of pair-rule gene action. Issue  3
Month  Nov

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