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Publication : Deterin, a new inhibitor of apoptosis from Drosophila melanogaster.

First Author  Jones G Year  2000
Journal  J. Biol. Chem. Volume  275
Pages  22157-65 PubMed ID  10764741
Abstract Text  Deterin, a new apoptosis inhibitor from Drosophila melanogaster, possesses an unusual structure of only a single baculovirus inhibitor of apoptosis (IAP)-type repeat and no RING finger motif. The biochemical actions of deterin are demonstrated in SF9 and S2 cell transfection assays, in which the expressed protein acts in the cytoplasm to inhibit or deter cells from apoptosis otherwise induced by the caspase-dependent apoptosis activator reaper or by cytotoxicants. A loss of function phenotype for deterin of cell death was indicated by transfections with either a dominant negative deterin mutant or with inhibitory RNA (RNAi) for deterin. The dominant negative C-terminal fragment that antagonized antiapoptotic activity of deterin did not affect antiapoptotic activity of DIAP1 or p35. Both the baculovirus IAP-type repeat (BIR) domain and the alpha-helical C-terminal domain are necessary in both SF9 and S2 cells for deterin to manifest its activity to prevent cell death. The approximately 650-base deterin transcript is present in embryos, third instar larvae, and late stage nurse cells of adult females. The deterin transcript is distributed throughout early stage embryos, whereas in later stage embryos it becomes progressively restricted to the central nervous system and gonads. Whereas the nematode survivin-type IAP has thus far been implicated only as a mitotic regulator, Drosophila deterin constitutes the first invertebrate member of the survivin-type IAP group to exhibit apoptosis-inhibitory activity. Doi  10.1074/jbc.M000369200
Issue  29 Month  Jul

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