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Publication : Circadian Rhythm Neuropeptides in Drosophila: Signals for Normal Circadian Function and Circadian Neurodegenerative Disease.

First Author  He Qiankun Year  2017
Journal  Int J Mol Sci Volume  18
PubMed ID  28430154 Abstract Text  Drosophilaand the links between several of these (pigment dispersing factor (PDF) and insulin-like peptides) and neurodegenerative disease. These signaling molecules convey important network connectivity and signaling information for normal circadian function, but PDF and insulin-like peptides can also convey signals that lead to apoptosis, enhanced neurodegeneration and cognitive decline in flies carrying circadian mutations or in a senescent state.
Doi  10.3390/ijms18040886 Issue  4
Month  Apr

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