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Publication : Drosophilablood-brain barrier as a function for sleep.

First Author  Artiushin Gregory Year  2018
Journal  Elife Volume  7
PubMed ID  30475209 Abstract Text  Drosophilaglia increases sleep and enhances sleep need, manifest as resistance to sleep deprivation. Surface glia comprising the fly equivalent of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) mediate the effect of dynamin on sleep. Blocking dynamin in the surface glia causes ultrastructural changes, albeit without compromising the integrity of the barrier. Supporting a role for endocytic trafficking in sleep, a screen of Rab GTPases identifies sleep-modulating effects of the recycling endosome Rab11 in surface glia. We also find that endocytosis is increased in BBB glia during sleep and reflects sleep need. We propose that endocytic trafficking through the BBB represents a function of sleep.
Doi  10.7554/eLife.43326 Month  11

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