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Publication : Drosophilaoocyte posterior determination.

First Author  Lu Wen Year  2018
Journal  J Cell Biol Volume  217
Pages  3497-3511 PubMed ID  30037924
Abstract Text  oskmRNA, as a proxy of posterior determination, and we used mutants that either inhibit kinesin-driven transport along microtubules or cytoplasmic streaming. We demonstrated that late-stage streaming is partially redundant with early-stage transport along microtubules for Staufen posterior localization. Additionally, an actin motor, myosin V, is required for the Staufen anchoring to the actin cortex. We propose a model whereby initial kinesin-driven transport, subsequent kinesin-driven streaming, and myosin V-based cortical retention cooperate in posterior determination. Doi  10.1083/jcb.201709174
Issue  10 Month  10

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