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Publication : Neural circuits for long-term water-reward memory processing in thirsty Drosophila.

First Author  Shyu Wei-Huan Year  2017
Journal  Nat Commun Volume  8
Pages  15230 PubMed ID  28504254
Abstract Text  The intake of water is important for the survival of all animals and drinking water can be used as a reward in thirsty animals. Here we found that thirsty Drosophila melanogaster can associate drinking water with an odour to form a protein-synthesis-dependent water-reward long-term memory (LTM). Furthermore, we found that the reinforcement of LTM requires water-responsive dopaminergic neurons projecting to the restricted region of mushroom body (MB) β' lobe, which are different from the neurons required for the reinforcement of learning and short-term memory (STM). Synaptic output from α'β' neurons is required for consolidation, whereas the output from γ and αβ neurons is required for the retrieval of LTM. Finally, two types of MB efferent neurons retrieve LTM from γ and αβ neurons by releasing glutamate and acetylcholine, respectively. Our results therefore cast light on the cellular and molecular mechanisms responsible for processing water-reward LTM in Drosophila. Doi  10.1038/ncomms15230
Month  05

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