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Publication : wishful thinking encodes a BMP type II receptor that regulates synaptic growth in Drosophila.

First Author  Aberle Hermann Year  2002
Journal  Neuron Volume  33
Pages  545-58 PubMed ID  11856529
Abstract Text  We conducted a large-scale screen for Drosophila mutants that have structural abnormalities of the larval neuromuscular junction (NMJ). We recovered mutations in wishful thinking (wit), a gene that positively regulates synaptic growth. wit encodes a BMP type II receptor. In wit mutant larvae, the size of the NMJs is greatly reduced relative to the size of the muscles. wit NMJs have reduced evoked excitatory junctional potentials, decreased levels of the synaptic cell adhesion molecule Fasciclin II, and synaptic membrane detachment at active zones. Wit is expressed by a subset of neurons, including motoneurons. The NMJ phenotype is specifically rescued by transgenic expression of Wit only in motoneurons. Thus, Wit appears to function as a presynaptic receptor that regulates synaptic size at the Drosophila NMJ. Doi  10.1016/s0896-6273(02)00589-5
Issue  4 Month  Feb

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