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Publication : Modification of the Drosophila heterochromatic mutation brownDominant by linkage alterations.

First Author  Talbert P B Year  1994
Journal  Genetics Volume  136
Pages  559-71 PubMed ID  8150283
Abstract Text  The variegating mutation brownDominant (bwD) of Drosophila melanogaster is associated with an insertion of heterochromatin into chromosome arm 2R at 59E, the site of the bw gene. Mutagenesis produced 150 dominant suppressors of bwD variegation. These fall into two classes: unlinked suppressors, which also suppress other variegating mutations; and linked chromosome rearrangements, which suppress only bwD. Some rearrangements are broken at 59E, and so might directly interfere with variegation caused by the heterochromatic insertion at that site. However, most rearrangements are translocations broken proximal to bw within the 52D-57D region of 2R. Translocation breakpoints on the X chromosome are scattered throughout the X euchromatin, while those on chromosome 3 are confined to the tips. This suggests that a special property of the X chromosome suppresses bwD variegation, as does a distal autosomal location. Conversely, two enhancers of bwD are caused by translocations from the same part of 2R to proximal heterochromatin, bringing the bwD heterochromatic insertion close to the chromocenter with which it strongly associates. These results support the notion that heterochromatin formation at a genetic locus depends on its location within the nucleus. Issue  2
Month  Feb

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