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Publication : [The evolutionarily conserved gene Nc70F, expressed in nerve tissue of Drosophila melanogaster, encodes a protein homologous to the mouse delta transcription factor].

First Author  Perelygina L M Year  1993
Journal  Genetika Volume  29
Pages  1597-607 PubMed ID  8307350
Abstract Text  A cDNA copy of the Nc70F gene which is specifically expressed in Drosophila neural tissue was cloned and characterized. The gene has an open reading frame for the protein of 384 amino acids. The protein contains dimerization, DNA binding, activation and repression domains which are common for the eucaryotic transcription factors. However, the domain organization of the Nc70F protein has some peculiarities. The primary structure of the Nc70F product and other transcription factors were compared. High level of homology of Nc70F protein with the mouse delta transcription factor was found. The in situ hybridization on tissue section showed that the Nc70F gene expression is restricted to the central nerve system at all stages of Drosophila ontogenesis. By using Drosophila genomic and cDNA clones of Nc70F genes as probes, homologous transcripts were identified in the human poly(A) +RNA. The evolutionary conservative portion of this gene was localized in the 5-exons. Issue  10
Month  Oct

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