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Publication : The guanine exchange factor Gartenzwerg and the small GTPase Arl1 function in the same pathway with Arfaptin during synapse growth.

First Author  Chang Leo Year  2015
Journal  Biol Open Volume  4
Pages  947-53 PubMed ID  26116655
Abstract Text  The generation of neuronal morphology requires transport vesicles originating from the Golgi apparatus (GA) to deliver specialized components to the axon and dendrites. Drosophila Arfaptin is a membrane-binding protein localized to the GA that is required for the growth of the presynaptic nerve terminal. Here we provide biochemical, cellular and genetic evidence that the small GTPase Arl1 and the guanine-nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) Gartenzwerg are required for Arfaptin function at the Golgi during synapse growth. Our data define a new signaling pathway composed of Arfaptin, Arl1, and Garz, required for the generation of normal synapse morphology. Doi  10.1242/bio.011262
Issue  8 Month  Jun

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