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Publication : The kelch repeat superfamily of proteins: propellers of cell function.

First Author  Adams J Year  2000
Journal  Trends Cell Biol. Volume  10
Pages  17-24 PubMed ID  10603472
Abstract Text  The kelch motif was discovered as a sixfold tandem element in the sequence of the Drosophila kelch ORF1 protein. The repeated kelch motifs predict a conserved tertiary structure, a beta-propeller. This module appears in many different polypeptide contexts and contains multiple potential protein-protein contact sites. Members of this growing superfamily are present throughout the cell and extracellularly and have diverse activities. In this review, we discuss current information concerning the structural organization of kelch repeat proteins, their biological roles and the molecular basis of their action. Doi  10.1016/s0962-8924(99)01673-6
Issue  1 Month  Jan

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