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Publication : Lis1, the Drosophila homolog of a human lissencephaly disease gene, is required for germline cell division and oocyte differentiation.

First Author  Liu Z Year  1999
Journal  Development Volume  126
Pages  4477-88 PubMed ID  10498683
Abstract Text  Lissencephaly is a severe congenital brain malformation resulting from incomplete neuronal migration. One causal gene, LIS1, is homologous to nudF, a gene required for nuclear migration in A. nidulans. We have characterized the Drosophila homolog of LIS1 (Lis1) and show that Lis1 is essential for fly development. Analysis of ovarian Lis1 mutant clones demonstrates that Lis1 is required in the germline for synchronized germline cell division, fusome integrity and oocyte differentiation. Abnormal packaging of the cysts was observed in Lis1 mutant clones. Our results indicate that LIS1 is important for cell division and differentiation and the function of the membrane cytoskeleton. They support the notion that LIS1 functions with the dynein complex to regulate nuclear migration or cell migration. Issue  20
Month  Oct

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