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Publication : Subunits of the Drosophila CCR4-NOT complex and their roles in mRNA deadenylation.

First Author  Temme Claudia Year  2010
Journal  RNA Volume  16
Pages  1356-70 PubMed ID  20504953
Abstract Text  The CCR4-NOT complex is the main enzyme catalyzing the deadenylation of mRNA. We have investigated the composition of this complex in Drosophila melanogaster by immunoprecipitation with a monoclonal antibody directed against NOT1. The CCR4, CAF1 (=POP2), NOT1, NOT2, NOT3, and CAF40 subunits were associated in a stable complex, but NOT4 was not. Factors known to be involved in mRNA regulation were prominent among the other proteins coprecipitated with the CCR4-NOT complex, as analyzed by mass spectrometry. The complex was localized mostly in the cytoplasm but did not appear to be a major component of P bodies. Of the known CCR4 paralogs, Nocturnin was found associated with the subunits of the CCR4-NOT complex, whereas Angel and 3635 were not. RNAi experiments in Schneider cells showed that CAF1, NOT1, NOT2, and NOT3 are required for bulk poly(A) shortening and hsp70 mRNA deadenylation, but knock-down of CCR4, CAF40, and NOT4 did not affect these processes. Overexpression of catalytically dead CAF1 had a dominant-negative effect on mRNA decay. In contrast, overexpression of inactive CCR4 had no effect. We conclude that CAF1 is the major catalytically important subunit of the CCR4-NOT complex in Drosophila Schneider cells. Nocturnin may also be involved in mRNA deadenylation, whereas there is no evidence for a similar role of Angel and 3635. Doi  10.1261/rna.2145110
Issue  7 Month  Jul

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