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Publication : Association of kettin with actin in the Z-disc of insect flight muscle.

First Author  van Straaten M Year  1999
Journal  J. Mol. Biol. Volume  285
Pages  1549-62 PubMed ID  9917396
Abstract Text  The Z-discs of insect muscle contain kettin, a modular protein of 500-700 kDa. The Drosophila protein is made up of a chain of immunoglobulin (Ig) domains separated by linker sequences. Kettin differs from other modular muscle proteins of the Ig superfamily in binding to thin filaments rather than thick filaments. Kettin isolated from Lethocerus (waterbug) muscle is an elongated molecule 180 nm long, which binds to F-actin with high affinity (Kd=1.2 nM) and a stoichiometry of one Ig domain per actin protomer. Competition between kettin and tropomyosin for binding to actin excludes tropomyosin from the Z-disc. In contrast, kettin and alpha-actinin bind simultaneously to actin, which would reinforce the Z-disc lattice. In vitro, kettin promotes the antiparallel association of actin filaments, and a similar process may occur in the developing sarcomere: actin filaments interdigitate in an antiparallel fashion in the Z-disc with the N terminus of kettin within the Z-disc, and the C terminus some way outside. We propose a model for the association of kettin with actin in which the molecule follows the genetic helix of actin and Ig domains, separated by linker sequences, bind to each actin protomer. Doi  10.1006/jmbi.1998.2386
Issue  4 Month  Jan

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