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Publication : Polo-mediated phosphorylation of Maelstrom regulates oocyte determination during oogenesis in Drosophila.

First Author  Pek Jun Wei Year  2012
Journal  Development Volume  139
Pages  4505-13 PubMed ID  23136393
Abstract Text  In Drosophila, Maelstrom is a conserved component of the perinuclear nuage, a germline-unique structure that appears to serve as a site for Piwi-interacting RNA (piRNA) production to repress deleterious transposons. Maelstrom also functions in the nucleus as a transcriptional regulator to repress the expression of microRNA-7, a process that is essential for the proper differentiation of germline stem cells. In this paper, we report another function of Maelstrom in regulating oocyte determination independently of its transposon silencing and germline stem cell differentiation activities. In Drosophila, the conserved serine 138 residue in Maelstrom is required for its phosphorylation, an event that promotes oocyte determination. Phosphorylation of Maelstrom is required for the repression of the pachytene checkpoint protein Sir2, but not for transposon silencing or for germline stem cell differentiation. We identify Polo as a kinase that mediates the phosphorylation of Maelstrom. Our results suggest that the Polo-mediated phosphorylation of Maelstrom may be a mechanism that controls oocyte determination by inactivating the pachytene checkpoint via the repression of Sir2 in Drosophila ovaries. Doi  10.1242/dev.082867
Issue  24 Month  Dec

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