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Publication : MiMIC: a highly versatile transposon insertion resource for engineering Drosophila melanogaster genes.

First Author  Venken Koen J T Year  2011
Journal  Nat. Methods Volume  8
Pages  737-43 PubMed ID  21985007
Abstract Text  We demonstrate the versatility of a collection of insertions of the transposon Minos-mediated integration cassette (MiMIC), in Drosophila melanogaster. MiMIC contains a gene-trap cassette and the yellow+ marker flanked by two inverted bacteriophage ΦC31 integrase attP sites. MiMIC integrates almost at random in the genome to create sites for DNAmanipulation. The attP sites allow the replacement of the intervening sequence of the transposon with any other sequence through recombinase-mediated cassette exchange (RMCE). We can revert insertions that function as gene traps and cause mutant phenotypes to revert to wild type by RMCE and modify insertions to control GAL4 or QF overexpression systems or perform lineage analysis using the Flp recombinase system. Insertions in coding introns can be exchanged with protein-tag cassettes to create fusion proteins to follow protein expression and perform biochemical experiments. The applications of MiMIC vastly extend the D. melanogaster toolkit. Doi  10.1038/nmeth.1662
Issue  9 Month  Sep

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