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Publication : Drosophilamotor system.

First Author  Peng Jhan-Jie Year  2019
Journal  Elife Volume  8
PubMed ID  31318331 Abstract Text  DrosophilaEaat1, an astrocytic glutamate transporter, on locomotor central pattern generator (CPG) activity, neuromuscular junction architecture, and motor function. We show that glutamate excitotoxicity triggers a circuit-dependent ROS feedback loop to sculpt the motor system. Excitotoxicity initially elevates ROS, thereby inactivating cholinergic interneurons and consequently changing CPG output activity to overexcite motor neurons and muscles. Remarkably, tonic motor neuron stimulation boosts muscular ROS, gradually dampening muscle contractility to feedback-enhance ROS accumulation in the CPG circuit and subsequently exacerbate circuit dysfunction. Ultimately, excess premotor excitation of motor neurons promotes ROS-activated stress signaling that alters neuromuscular junction architecture. Collectively, our results reveal that excitotoxicity-induced ROS can perturb motor system integrity through a circuit-dependent mechanism.
Doi  10.7554/eLife.47372 Month  07

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