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Publication : Uninflatable and Notch control the targeting of Sara endosomes during asymmetric division.

First Author  Loubéry Sylvain Year  2014
Journal  Curr. Biol. Volume  24
Pages  2142-2148 PubMed ID  25155514
Abstract Text  Cell fate decision during asymmetric division is mediated by the biased partition of cell fate determinants during mitosis [1-6]. In the case of the asymmetric division of the fly sensory organ precursor cells, directed Notch signaling from pIIb to the pIIa daughter endows pIIa with its distinct fate [1-6]. We have previously shown that Notch/Delta molecules internalized in the mother cell traffic through Sara endosomes and are directed to the pIIa daughter [6]. Here we show that the receptor Notch itself is required during the asymmetric targeting of the Sara endosomes to pIIa. Notch binds Uninflatable, and both traffic together through Sara endosomes, which is essential to direct asymmetric endosomes motility and Notch-dependent cell fate assignation. Our data uncover a part of the core machinery required for the asymmetric motility of a vesicular structure that is essential for the directed dispatch of Notch signaling molecules during asymmetric mitosis. Doi  10.1016/j.cub.2014.07.054
Issue  18 Month  Sep

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