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Publication : A novel repressor of P element transposition in Drosophila melanogaster.

First Author  Badge R M Year  1998
Journal  Genet. Res. Volume  71
Pages  21-30 PubMed ID  9674380
Abstract Text  We have discovered, in an inbred line (Loua) of Drosophila melanogaster from Zaire, a third chromosome showing unusual P element repression. Repression of P element transposition by this chromosome, named Loua3, is dominant zygotic and has three unusual properties. Firstly, its repression of the gonadal dysgenesis caused by a strong P haplotype is strongly temperature-dependent, being most evident at higher rearing temperatures. Secondly, subdivision of Loua3 by recombination abolishes repression: the effect is apparently a function of the intact chromosome. Finally, Loua3 also diminishes somatic lethality when chromosomes carrying many 'ammunition' elements (Birmingham2) are exposed to the constitutive transposase source delta 2-3(99B). The chromosome has 17 P elements, none full-length, located in at least 12 dispersed positions. Issue  1
Month  Feb

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