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Publication : Developmental expression and tissue distribution of the lethal (2) giant larvae protein of Drosophila melanogaster.

First Author  Klämbt C Year  1986
Journal  EMBO J. Volume  5
Pages  2955-61 PubMed ID  12222562
Abstract Text  Recessive mutations in the Drosophila tumor gene lethal (2) giant larvae affect the growth and tissue specificity of determined cells in imaginal discs and presumptive optic centers of the brain. To analyse the function of the l (2) gl gene during development, we have raised monoclonal antibodies against the l (2) gl protein. These antibodies detect a 130-kd protein in wild-type tissue which is absent in homozygous mutant tissues. The protein is detected in increasing amounts up to mid-embryonic stages. Antibody binding to embryo sections and indirect immunofluorescence labeling indicate that the protein is localized at the cellular membranes or in the intercellular matrix of the embryonic cells. The primordia of all larval tissues are labeled in the embryo. Much less labeling is found in the neural primordia of the central nervous system, except that within the supraoesophageal ganglion the regions of the presumptive optic centers are distinctly labeled. Moreover, the axon bundles of the ventral cord are labeled in the embryo, apparently a reflection of the accumulation of cell membranes here. After embryogenesis the l (2) gl protein is found at a low level until the end of the 3rd larval instar, when it is preferentially seen in the brain and imaginal discs. The protein distribution in embryonic and larval tissues correlates with already known proliferation patterns, which could indicate that the l (2) gl protein is involved in proliferation arrest of cells. Issue  11
Month  Nov

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