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Publication : Wing surface interactions in venation patterning in Drosophila.

First Author  Milán M Year  1997
Journal  Mech. Dev. Volume  67
Pages  203-13 PubMed ID  9392517
Abstract Text  The adult wing of Drosophila consists of two wing surfaces apposed by their basal membranes which first came into contact following disc eversion at metamorphosis. Veins appear in these surfaces in a dorsal-ventral symmetric pattern, but are 'corrugated' (vein cells are more compacted and more pigmented) in a dorsal-ventral asymmetric pattern. We prevented dorsal-ventral contact apposition during wing imaginal disc morphogenesis by implanting fragments of discs into metamorphosing hosts. In these implants, longitudinal veins differentiate but with wider corrugation and in both surfaces. These results and those of genetic mosaics of mutants removing veins or causing ectopic veins reveal mutual dorso-ventral induction/inhibition at work to modulate the final vein differentiation pattern and corrugation. Issue  2
Month  Oct

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