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Publication : Structure of the Drosophila melanogaster gene encoding cyclin A.

First Author  Takahisa M Year  1992
Journal  Gene Volume  121
Pages  343-6 PubMed ID  1332913
Abstract Text  A P element (PE)-induced Drosophila melanogaster mutation, hari, affects the formation of the bristle mechanosensory organ in the adult fly. In this mutation, the site of PE insertion is in the first intron of the gene (CycA) encoding cyclin A (CycA). In order to analyze the hari mutant at the molecular level, we cloned and sequenced the cDNA and genomic DNA encoding CycA. CycA has seven exons and six introns, and its transcription unit spans 6 kb. All exon-intron junctions are compatible with the GT/AG consensus. Results of primer extension analysis and RNase protection assay indicate that CycA has major and minor transcription start points (tsp). To our knowledge, this is the first report on the CycA genomic sequence from a multicellular organism. Issue  2
Month  Nov

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