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Publication : Interaction of short-range repressors with Drosophila CtBP in the embryo.

First Author  Nibu Y Year  1998
Journal  Science Volume  280
Pages  101-4 PubMed ID  9525852
Abstract Text  Human CtBP attenuates transcriptional activation and tumorigenesis mediated by the adenovirus E1A protein. The E1A sequence motif that interacts with CtBP, Pro-X-Asp-Leu-Ser-X-Lys (P-DLS-K), is present in the repression domains of two unrelated short-range repressors in Drosophila, Knirps and Snail, and is essential for the interaction of these proteins with Drosophila CtBP (dCtBP). A P-element-induced mutation in dCtBP exhibits gene-dosage interactions with a null mutation in knirps, which is consistent with the occurrence of Knirps-dCtBP interactions in vivo. These observations suggest that CtBP and dCtBP are engaged in an evolutionarily conserved mechanism of transcriptional repression, which is used in both Drosophila and mammals. Issue  5360
Month  Apr

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