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Publication : Temporal patterns of gene expression in the antenna of the adult Drosophila melanogaster.

First Author  Helfand S L Year  1995
Journal  Genetics Volume  140
Pages  549-55 PubMed ID  7498736
Abstract Text  The time course of gene expression in the adult fruit fly has been partially characterized by using enhancer trap and reporter gene constructs that mark 49 different genes. The relative intensity of the reporter protein in individual cells of the antennae was measured as a function of adult age. Most genes showed a graduated expression, and the intensity of expression had a reproducible and characteristic time course. Different genes displayed different temporal patterns of expression and more often than not the pattern of expression was complex. We found a number of genes having patterns that scaled with life span. In these cases the intensity of gene expression was found to be invariant with respect to biological time, when expressed as a fraction of the life span of the line. The scaling was observed even when life span was varied as much as threefold. Such scaling serves to (1) further demonstrate that deterministic mechanisms such as gene regulation act to generate the temporal patterns of expression seen during adult life, (2) indicate that control of these regulatory mechanisms is linked to life span, and (3) suggest mechanisms by which this control is accomplished. We have concluded that gene expression in the adult fly is often regulated in a fashion that allows for graduated expression over time, and that the regulation itself is changing throughout adult life according to some prescribed program or algorithm. Issue  2
Month  Jun

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