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Publication : Expression of a Drosophila GATA transcription factor in multiple tissues in the developing embryos. Identification of homozygous lethal mutants with P-element insertion at the promoter region.

First Author  Lin W H Year  1995
Journal  J. Biol. Chem. Volume  270
Pages  25150-8 PubMed ID  7559649
Abstract Text  GATA transcription factors are DNA-binding proteins that recognize the core consensus sequence, WGATAR. Previous studies indicated that GATA factors play ann important role in the development of tissue-specific functions in vertebrates. Here we report the identification of a new Drosophila melanogaster GATA factor, dGATAc, which displays a distinct expression pattern in embryos. The local concentration of dGATAc transcripts varies at different stages, being most prominent in the procephalic region at stages 6-10 and in the posterior spiracles, the gut, and the central nervous system at stages 11-13. On the basis of its predicted sequence, DNA-binding assays were performed to confirm that the dGATAc gene encodes a zinc finger protein that can bind the GATA consensus motif with predicted specificity. Two independent mutants carrying a P-element insertion at the dGATAc gene promoter region were identified that are homozygous lethal at the embryonic stage. Using a genetic scheme, it was demonstrated that the lack of dGATAc function can block normal embryonic development. Our results suggest that the dGATAc protein is a tissue-specific transcription factor that is vital to the development of multiple organ systems in D. melanogaster. Issue  42
Month  Oct

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