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Publication : Pole region-dependent repression of the Drosophila gap gene Krüppel by maternal gene products.

First Author  Gaul U Year  1987
Journal  Cell Volume  51
Pages  549-55 PubMed ID  3119224
Abstract Text  We examined the protein domain of the gap gene Krüppel (Kr) in mutants that affect the establishment of different regions of the segment pattern along the longitudinal axis of the Drosophila embryo. Our data suggest that Kr provides cues for establishing the "central"pattern elements at the blastoderm stage, and that Kr activity is controlled by maternal effect genes acting at the poles. The formation of the Kr protein domain may involve ubiquitous activation of Kr gene expression which, however, is limited by region-specific repression through the action of the maternal anterior and posterior pattern organizer genes. In addition, the formation of the Kr protein domain depends on the activity of gap genes acting adjacent to the Kr domain, but it is independent of subordinate pair-rule gene activities. Issue  4
Month  Nov

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