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Publication : Identification of Regions in the Spt5 Subunit of DRB Sensitivity-inducing Factor (DSIF) That Are Involved in Promoter-proximal Pausing.

First Author  Qiu Yijun Year  2017
Journal  J. Biol. Chem. Volume  292
Pages  5555-5570 PubMed ID  28213523
Abstract Text  Drosophilanuclear extracts. The C-terminal repeat region of Spt5, which has been implicated in both inhibition and stimulation of elongation, is dispensable for promoter-proximal pausing. A region encompassing KOW4 and KOW5 of Spt5 is essential for pausing, and mutations in KOW5 specifically shift the location of the pause. RNA cross-linking analysis reveals that KOW5 directly contacts the nascent transcript, and deletion of KOW5 disrupts this interaction. Our results suggest that KOW5 is involved in promoter-proximal pausing through contact with the nascent RNA. Doi  10.1074/jbc.M116.760751
Issue  13 Month  Mar

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