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Publication : Sequoia establishes tip-cell number in Drosophila trachea by regulating FGF levels.

First Author  Araújo Sofia J Year  2011
Journal  J. Cell. Sci. Volume  124
Pages  2335-40 PubMed ID  21693579
Abstract Text  Competition and determination of leading and trailing cells during collective cell migration is a widespread phenomenon in development, wound healing and tumour invasion. Here, we analyse this issue during in vivo ganglionic branch cell migration in the Drosophila tracheal system. We identify Sequoia (Seq) as a negative transcriptional regulator of Branchless (Bnl), a Drosophila FGF homologue, and observe that modulation of Bnl levels determines how many cells will lead this migrating cluster, regardless of Notch lateral inhibition. Our results show that becoming a tip cell does not prevent others in the branch taking the same position, suggesting that leader choice does not depend only on sensing relative amounts of FGF receptor activity. Doi  10.1242/jcs.085613
Issue  Pt 14 Month  Jul

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