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Publication : The big brain aquaporin is required for endosome maturation and notch receptor trafficking.

First Author  Kanwar Ritu Year  2008
Journal  Cell Volume  133
Pages  852-63 PubMed ID  18510929
Abstract Text  Activity of the big brain (bib) gene influences Notch signaling during Drosophila nervous system development. We demonstrate that Bib, which belongs to the aquaporin family of channel proteins, is required for endosome maturation in Drosophila epithelial cells. In the absence of Bib, early endosomes arrest and form abnormal clusters, and cells exhibit reduced acidification of endocytic trafficking organelles. Bib acts downstream of Hrs in early endosome morphogenesis and regulates biogenesis of endocytic compartments prior to the formation of Rab7-containing late endosomes. Abnormal endosome morphology caused by loss of Bib is accompanied by overaccumulation of Notch, Delta, and other signaling molecules as well as reduced intracellular trafficking of Notch to nuclei. Analysis of several endosomal trafficking mutants reveals a correlation between endosomal acidification and levels of Notch signaling. Our findings reveal an unprecedented role for an aquaporin in endosome maturation, trafficking, and acidification. Doi  10.1016/j.cell.2008.04.038
Issue  5 Month  May

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