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Publication : Regulation of higher-order chromatin structures by nucleosome-remodelling factors.

First Author  Varga-Weisz Patrick D Year  2006
Journal  Curr. Opin. Genet. Dev. Volume  16
Pages  151-6 PubMed ID  16503135
Abstract Text  Nucleosome-remodelling factors are key facilitators of chromatin dynamics. At the level of single nucleosomes, they are involved in nucleosome-repositioning, altering histone-DNA interactions, disassembly of nucleosomes, and the exchange of histones with variants of different properties. The fundamental nature of chromatin dictates that nucleosome-remodelling affects all aspects of eukaryotic DNA metabolism, but much less is known about the functional interactions of nucleosome-remodelling factors with folded chromatin fibres. Because remodelling machines are abundant constituents of eukaryotic nuclei and, therefore, have ample potential to interact with chromatin, they might also affect higher-order chromatin architecture. Recent observations support roles for nucleosome-remodelling factors at the supra-nucleosomal level. Doi  10.1016/j.gde.2006.02.006
Issue  2 Month  Apr

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