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Publication : Genetic analysis of chromosomal region 67A-D of Drosophila melanogaster.

First Author  Leicht B G Year  1988
Journal  Genetics Volume  119
Pages  579-93 PubMed ID  3136051
Abstract Text  In an effort to (1) characterize the 67 interval of chromosome 3 of Drosophila melanogaster genetically and (2) isolate mutations of the 67B1 small heat shock protein (hsp) gene cluster specifically, we undertook a mutational analysis of the 67A-D subinterval. Using a deficiency of the 67A2 to 67D11-13 region, Df(3L)AC1, we screened 8700 diepoxybutane-treated chromosomes and 7800 ethyl methanesulfonate-treated chromosomes for visible and lethal mutations throughout this interval and recovered 74 independent recessive lethal mutations, but no visible mutations. One of the lethal mutations, d29A6, was identified as an overlapping deficiency extending from 66F3 to 67B1. An additional 6000 diepoxybutane-treated chromosomes were screened for lethality over d29A6, yielding another four lethal mutations within the 67A2-B1 subinterval. These 78 lethal mutations, along with two others isolated in other laboratories, define 23 essential loci--6 within the 67A2-B1 subinterval and 17 within the 67A2 to D11-13 subinterval. Many of these loci appear to be required for imaginal development only, exhibiting late larval to pharate adult lethal phases. Examination of the 67A2-B1 lethal complementation groups for (1) earlier onset of lethality following a heat shock, (2) missing or altered small hsps on two-dimensional protein gels, and (3) restoration of viability by transformed wild-type copies of the small hsp genes indicates that none of these mutations affect the small hsps. On the basis of this analysis and the known homology of the genes, we conclude that the small hsps are functionally equivalent. Issue  3
Month  Jul

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