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Publication : Mg(2+) block of Drosophila NMDA receptors is required for long-term memory formation and CREB-dependent gene expression.

First Author  Miyashita Tomoyuki Year  2012
Journal  Neuron Volume  74
Pages  887-98 PubMed ID  22681692
Abstract Text  NMDA receptor (NMDAR) channels allow Ca(2+) influx only during correlated activation of both pre- and postsynaptic cells; a Mg(2+) block mechanism suppresses NMDAR activity when the postsynaptic cell is inactive. Although the importance of NMDARs in associative learning and long-term memory (LTM) formation has been demonstrated, the role of Mg(2+) block in these processes remains unclear. Using transgenic flies expressing NMDARs defective for Mg(2+) block, we found that Mg(2+) block mutants are defective for LTM formation but not associative learning. We demonstrate that LTM-dependent increases in expression of synaptic genes, including homer, staufen, and activin, are abolished in flies expressing Mg(2+) block defective NMDARs. Furthermore, we show that genetic and pharmacological reduction of Mg(2+) block significantly increases expression of a CREB repressor isoform. Our results suggest that Mg(2+) block of NMDARs functions to suppress basal expression of a CREB repressor, thus permitting CREB-dependent gene expression upon LTM induction. Doi  10.1016/j.neuron.2012.03.039
Issue  5 Month  Jun

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