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Publication : RNAi is activated during Drosophila oocyte maturation in a manner dependent on aubergine and spindle-E.

First Author  Kennerdell Jason R Year  2002
Journal  Genes Dev. Volume  16
Pages  1884-9 PubMed ID  12154120
Abstract Text  Gene silencing by double-stranded RNA is a widespread phenomenon called RNAi, involving homology-dependent degradation of mRNAs. Here we show that RNAi is established in the Drosophila female germ line. mRNA transcripts are translationally quiescent at the arrested oocyte stage and are insensitive to RNAi. Upon oocyte maturation, transcripts that are translated become sensitive to degradation while untranslated transcripts remain resistant. Mutations in aubergine and spindle-E, members of the PIWI/PAZ and DE-H helicase gene families, respectively, block RNAi activation during egg maturation and perturb translation control during oogenesis, supporting a connection between gene silencing and translation in the oocyte. Doi  10.1101/gad.990802
Issue  15 Month  Aug

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