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Publication : Energy-dependent chromatin accessibility and nucleosome mobility in a cell-free system.

First Author  Varga-Weisz P D Year  1995
Journal  EMBO J. Volume  14
Pages  2209-16 PubMed ID  7774579
Abstract Text  Chromatin structure must be flexible to allow the binding of regulatory proteins and to accommodate different levels of gene activity. Chromatin assembled in a cell-free system derived from Drosophila embryos contains an activity that hydrolyses ATP to render entire nucleosome arrays mobile. Nucleosome movements, most likely their sliding, occurred even in the presence of the linker histone H1. The dynamic state of chromatin in the presence of the activity and ATP globally increased the accessibility of nucleosomal DNA to incoming proteins. This unprecedented demonstration of energy-dependent nucleosome mobility identifies a new principle which is likely to be fundamental to the mechanism of chromatin remodelling and the binding of regulatory proteins. Issue  10
Month  May

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