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Publication : Differential sexual survival of Drosophila melanogaster on copper sulfate.

First Author  Balinski Michael A Year  2017
Journal  Genetica Volume  145
Pages  131-137 PubMed ID  28154959
Abstract Text  4caused significantly higher numbers of male offspring compared to female offspring. We hypothesized that these gender-based viability differences to copper exposure are caused by X-chromosome ploidy and X-linked genetic variation affecting metallothionein expression. Observed differential offspring viability responses among crosses to copper exposure also showed that different genetic backgrounds (autosomal and/or X-chromosome) can result in significant differences in heavy metal and metallothionein regulation. These results suggest that the effect of copper on offspring viability depends on both genetic background and gender, as both factors can affect the regulation of metallothionein proteins as well as homeostasis of biologically necessary heavy metals. Doi  10.1007/s10709-017-9951-4
Issue  2 Month  Apr

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