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Publication : A nonsense mutation within the act88F actin gene disrupts myofibril formation in Drosophila indirect flight muscles.

First Author  Karlik C C Year  1984
Journal  Cell Volume  38
Pages  711-9 PubMed ID  6488317
Abstract Text  We have investigated the molecular basis of muscle abnormalities in the flightless Drosophila mutant lfm(3)7. This EMS-induced, semi-dominant allele was isolated by Mogami and Hotta (1981) and was shown to disrupt the organization of myofibrils in indirect flight muscles. Here we demonstrate that lfm(3)7 contains a nonsense mutation within codon 355 of the act88F actin gene. A single G greater than A transition converts a tryptophan (TGG) codon to an opal (TGA) terminator, thus deleting the carboxy-terminal 20 amino acids of an actin isoform that accumulates only in thoracic flight muscles. The truncated actin polypeptide is stable, and retains antigenicity to at least two anti-Drosophila actin monoclonal antibodies. We suggest that abnormalities in lfm(3)7 flight muscles result from incorporation of the mutant actin isoform into assembling myofibrils. Issue  3
Month  Oct

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