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Publication : Filopodia-like actin cables position nuclei in association with perinuclear actin in Drosophila nurse cells.

First Author  Huelsmann Sven Year  2013
Journal  Dev. Cell Volume  26
Pages  604-15 PubMed ID  24091012
Abstract Text  Controlling the position of the nucleus is vital for a number of cellular processes from yeast to humans. In Drosophila nurse cells, nuclear positioning is crucial during dumping, when nurse cells contract and expel their contents into the oocyte. We provide evidence that in nurse cells, continuous filopodia-like actin cables, growing from the plasma membrane and extending to the nucleus, achieve nuclear positioning. These actin cables move nuclei away from ring canals. When nurse cells contract, actin cables associate laterally with the nuclei, in some cases inducing nuclear turning so that actin cables become partially wound around the nuclei. Our data suggest that a perinuclear actin meshwork connects actin cables to nuclei via actin-crosslinking proteins such as the filamin Cheerio. We provide a revised model for how actin structures position nuclei in nurse cells, employing evolutionary conserved machinery. Doi  10.1016/j.devcel.2013.08.014
Issue  6 Month  Sep

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