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Publication : Cytochrome b5 protects photoreceptors from light stress-induced lipid peroxidation and retinal degeneration.

First Author  Chen Xinping Year  2017
Journal  NPJ Aging Mech Dis Volume  3
Pages  18 PubMed ID  29214051
Abstract Text  Drosophila melanogasterto strong blue light induces oxidative stress including lipid peroxidation that results in retinal degeneration. Surprisingly, very young flies are resilient to this acute light stress, suggesting they possess endogenous neuroprotective mechanisms. While lipophilic antioxidants partially suppressed blue light-induced retinal degeneration in older flies, we find that overexpression of cytochrome b5 (Cyt-b5) completely suppressed both blue light-induced lipid peroxidation and retinal degeneration. Our data identify Cyt-b5 as a neuroprotective factor that targets light-induced oxidative damage, particularly lipid peroxidation. Cyt-b5 may function via supporting antioxidant recycling, thereby providing a strategy to prevent oxidative stress in ageing photoreceptors that would be synergistic with dietary antioxidant supplementation. Doi  10.1038/s41514-017-0019-6

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