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Publication : The WD40 repeat protein fritz links cytoskeletal planar polarity to frizzled subcellular localization in the Drosophila epidermis.

First Author  Collier Simon Year  2005
Journal  Genetics Volume  169
Pages  2035-45 PubMed ID  15654087
Abstract Text  Much of our understanding of the genetic mechanisms that control planar cell polarity (PCP) in epithelia has derived from studies of the formation of polarized cell hairs during Drosophila wing development. The correct localization of an F-actin prehair to the distal vertex of the pupal wing cell has been shown to be dependent upon the polarized subcellular localization of Frizzled and other core PCP proteins. However, the core PCP proteins do not organize actin cytoskeletal polarity directly but require PCP effector proteins such as Fuzzy and Inturned to mediate this process. Here we describe the characterization of a new PCP effector gene, fritz, that encodes a novel but evolutionarily conserved coiled-coil WD40 protein. We show that the fritz gene product functions cell-autonomously downstream of the core PCP proteins to regulate both the location and the number of wing cell prehair initiation sites. Doi  10.1534/genetics.104.033381
Issue  4 Month  Apr

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