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Publication : The role of Ultrabithorax in the patterning of adult thoracic muscles in Drosophila melanogaster.

First Author  Rivlin P K Year  2001
Journal  Dev. Genes Evol. Volume  211
Pages  55-66 PubMed ID  11455415
Abstract Text  Mutations in the homeotic gene, Ultrabithorax (Ubx), result in the transformation of the third thoracic (T3) segment into the second thoracic (T2) segment. Although it has been well established that these mutations have striking effects on adult epidermal structures in T3, the effect of these mutations on the adult musculature has been controversial. In this study, a series of Ubx regulatory mutations, anterobithorax, bithorax, postbithorax, and bithoraxoid, as well as combinations of these alleles were used to reevaluate the role of Ubx in the patterning of the T3 musculature. Homeotic indirect and direct flight muscles (IFMs and DFMs) were identified in the transformed T3 segment of all alleles and allelic combinations with the exception of postbithorax. We critically evaluated the pattern and amount of these muscles and found that while the amount and/or quality of homeotic IFMs increased, the amount of homeotic DFMs did not vary significantly as the severity of the ectodermal transformation increased. Because Ubx is not expressed in the adult mesoderm of T3, these results suggest that inductive cues play a major role in the patterning of adult thoracic muscles. We provide a model that illustrates the central role of inductive cues in generating the final adult muscle pattern in the thorax. Issue  2
Month  Feb

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