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Publication : Tricornered/NDR kinase signaling mediates PINK1-directed mitochondrial quality control and tissue maintenance.

First Author  Wu Zhihao Year  2013
Journal  Genes Dev. Volume  27
Pages  157-62 PubMed ID  23348839
Abstract Text  Eukaryotes employ elaborate mitochondrial quality control (MQC) to maintain the function of the power-generating organelle. Parkinson's disease-associated PINK1 and Parkin actively participate in MQC. However, the signaling events involved are largely unknown. Here we show that mechanistic target of rapamycin 2 (mTORC2) and Tricornered (Trc) kinases act downstream from PINK1 to regulate MQC. Trc is phosphorylated in mTORC2-dependent and mTORC2-independent manners and is specifically localized to mitochondria in response to PINK1, which regulates mTORC2 through mitochondrial complex-I activity. Genetically, mTORC2 and Trc act upstream of Parkin. Thus, multiplex kinase signaling is acting between PINK1 and Parkin to regulate MQC, a process highly conserved in mammals. Doi  10.1101/gad.203406.112
Issue  2 Month  Jan

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