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Publication : Conservation of components of the dystrophin complex in Drosophila.

First Author  Greener M J Year  2000
Journal  FEBS Lett. Volume  482
Pages  13-8 PubMed ID  11018515
Abstract Text  Defects in the dystrophin complex (DC) underlie several human genetic disorders, but our dissection of its function is complicated by potential redundancy of the multiple vertebrate isoforms of most DC components. We here complete our previous description of Drosophila dystrophin, and show that the fly retains all essential components of the DC, but with substantially less diversity. Seventeen known human components (three dystrophin-related proteins, two dystrobrevins, five sarcoglycans, five syntrophins, one dystroglycan and one sarcospan) appear to be reduced to eight in Drosophila (one, one, three, two, one and none, respectively). The simplicity of this system recommends it as a model for its human counterpart. Issue  1-2
Month  Sep

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