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Publication : The dosage compensation regulators MLE, MSL-1 and MSL-2 are interdependent since early embryogenesis in Drosophila.

First Author  Rastelli L Year  1995
Journal  Mech. Dev. Volume  53
Pages  223-33 PubMed ID  8562424
Abstract Text  We have analyzed the expression pattern and localization of MLE, MLS-1, MSL-2, and histone H4Ac16 during embryogenesis to determine when msl-dependent dosage compensation begins. Maternal MSL-1 and MLE are present in both sexes at fertilization. MSL-2 lacks a maternal component, and male-specific zygotic expression is detectable at the end of blastoderm. During germ band extension, MSL-1, MSL-2, MLE, and histone H4Ac16 display coincident sub-nuclear localization in male embryos. In embryos lacking one of the MSL proteins, the sub-nuclear localization of the other MSLs and of histone H4Ac16 is not detected. We conclude that the MSL proteins associate with the X chromosome and are interdependent since early embryogenesis. Issue  2
Month  Oct

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