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Publication : The cytogenetics of a recessive visible mutant associated with a deficiency adjacent to the notch locus in Drosophila melanogaster.

First Author  Keppy D O Year  1977
Journal  Genetics Volume  85
Pages  497-506 PubMed ID  405276
Abstract Text  The recessive visible faswb allele in Drosophila is an interband deletion between salivary band 3C5, 6 and 7. Heterozygosity for the deletion does not suppress recombination between faswb and mutant sites at Notch adjacent to it.--Df(1)w67k30, deficient for salivary bands 3C2 to 6, is the left of faswb. By crossing over within the homologous bit of interband retained in w67k30 and faswb, the two deficiencies can be linked. Cytologically, 3C7, "fused"to 3C5,6 in faswb, becomes "fused"to 3C1 when the two are coupled. In the double deletion, the recessive visible phenotype of the faswb "allele* is suppressed. Both w67k30 and faswb can be recovered by uncoupling the two deficiencies.--The data suggest that the mutant faswb does not represent a lesion at Notch; the entire gene or locus seems to be present. The interband deletion in faswb has secondarily moved an intact Notch locus to a foreign environment that interferes with its normal function. When faswb is linked to w67k30, the interference is eliminated and normal Notch functions resume.--The position of Notch on the salivary gland chromosome is reviewed in relation to the information obtained in these experiments. Issue  3
Month  Mar

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