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Publication : Characterization of lethal alleles of D-elg, an ets proto-oncogene related gene with multiple functions in Drosophila development.

First Author  Schulz R A Year  1993
Journal  Oncogene Volume  8
Pages  3369-74 PubMed ID  8247539
Abstract Text  We have used genetic complementation rescue to identify two lethal alleles of D-elg, an ets proto-oncogene related gene of Drosophila. Animals that are hemizygous or trans-heterozygous for the alleles die as pharate adults, demonstrating normal gene function is required to complete Drosophila development. Females trans-heterozygous for the 1(3)902 lethal allele and the previously characterized tne female sterile allele produce embryos with abdominal segmentation defects. This finding implicates a role for the D-elg gene in anterior-posterior patterning. The cloning and sequencing of the lethal alleles identified molecular mutations that may result in ELG protein truncation, altered ELG protein interactions, or defective D-elg mRNA splicing. Issue  12
Month  Dec

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